Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Summer Heirlooms

Danish Bullhead cabbage is a strain of and old
Danish Amager variety

Heirloom tomatoes are usually the star of the summer garden.  However there are some less mentioned heirlooms that are proven winners in the garden and worth a try.

Cour di Bue an old European ox heart type cabbage.

Perfection Savoy Cabbage a pre- 1885 cabbage originating from France.  Beautiful crumply leaves needs room to grow.

Yellow Pencil Pod beans are a favorite wax bean heirloom introduced in 1900's. Stringless and delicious.  Also Royal Burgundy bush beans.  A beautiful deep purple unfortunately they turn green when cooked but they  a stunning.

Jalepenos and Anaheim chili peppers are both very well known heirlooms.

Black Beauty zucchini heirloom a compact ever bearing bush type

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St Valery heirloom carrots are the stocky ones on the right.  They are a French 1885 variety you will enjoy.  Carrots are biennial and if left in the ground over winter they will flower and produce seed for you.

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