Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A Day on the Farm: Farm Diary

February 1st

I trudged through the snow up to the barn to begin the seed starting for 2017!  I'm so excited to actually get some dirt under my nails and start "gardening."   I use my milking room which is heated for my indoor seed starting.  Toady I washed and sterilized a seed tray and planted onion, leeks, and celery. 

This year will include Walla Walla ,  Ailsa Craig Exhibition (H), Red Wing onions. Megaton leeks, Utah 52-70 Improved celery, and Tendercrisp celery (OP).

I used Black Gold Seedling Mix and Speedling Seedling Trays. In the next couple months I will be sowing many seeds indoors preparing for spring.

Also put Elsie, Nubian Doe, in with a buck for breeding.  She is the fourth doe breed for the season. 

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