Sunday, October 4, 2015

Why Garden?

Last night was perfectly still.  A full moon was anxiously out before the sun had finished setting and I was sitting on a bench in my garden enjoying the end of the season and pondering the miracle of planting one small seed which produces an abundance of fruits and within each fruit are seeds for many more seasons. Nature seems anxious to continue to perpetuate, produce, and be fruitful.

There seems to be a renewed interest in gardening, animal husbandry, self reliance, and homesteading.  Whether motivated by the uncertainty of the economy, health, environmental concerns or just the desire to enjoy a home grown tomato more people are eager to learn about gardening and have a peaked interest in "organic gardening."

Gardening for me was part of living providently and living providently brings self-reliance.  I wanted to produce and provide food for my family.  I wanted to preserve and can so that we could enjoy good healthy food through the winter. I enjoy sharing my harvests with family and friends. I enjoy raising animals and learning how to make yogurt, cheese, soaps, and lotions. With self reliance comes and feeling of peace and contentment even in difficult times and it allows you to be in a position to help others. 

Choosing to grow organically just made sense. The more I learn about the intricate relationship between microbes, soil, and plants, the more I discovered about the amazing defenses and medicinal and healing properties of plants, and every time I bite into sweet juicy melt in your mouth home grown melon I am convinced that just as my small garden plot has a creator and designer that this world has a creator and designer. 

For me gardening allows me to partner in the creation process.  To design, nurture, and then set back and enjoy the beauty and harvest. I like creating stunning designs with color, height, and texture in flower beds as well as in my vegetable gardens.  From spring blooms to the fall colors, the orchard, berries, and grapes provide seasonal interest as well as delicious berries and fruit. There are endless varieties and cultivars that compete for a space in my garden and yard. The end of the season only brings a renewed excitement of what might be next year.

My husband and I wanted to raise our children in the country where dirt and mud rather than concrete and asphalt carpeted the ground.  Owning 5 acres and maintaining it has always provided ample work and chores for everyone of every stage and age in our family.  Work is an important principle.  Hard work and a job well done provide satisfaction and a feeling accomplishment. 

A feeling of responsibility comes with realizing and recognizing the blessings in your life.

I feel very blessed with this small plot of earth we have and believe in being a wise steward over those things I have been blessed with. I enjoy sharing my successes and failures and the knowledge I gain from  both.  I also enjoy visiting fellow gardeners both the beginner and experienced have something to teach and inspire me with their enthusiasm.

In a world that is increasingly disconnected with God and nature and obsessed with technology, materialism, and self aggrandizement, I encourage you to enjoy the blessings and personal insights that come from being productive, working hard, and continually learning in the garden and farm among the fruits, flowers, herbs, and various animals that find a place on your homestead and heart.

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