Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Preparedness Fair & The Growing Organic: One Box Challenge!

Preserving the harvest.

Display at our local Preparedness Fair

 Saturday I participated in a Preparedness Carnival.  Lots of great information and displays were provided to help families on their goals to be self-reliant and to get prepared.   This was a local event for my community.  I introduced an idea I got from helping my married children garden for the first time.  Even though they helped at home, they apparently didn't pay very close attention.  They wanted very simple instructions on gardening.

This inspired me to challenge my friends and neighbors to participate in the "One Box Challenge."  The idea, whether a first time gardener or just a dissatisfied gardener, is that you commit to growing organically in at least one raised bed. Experience success on a small scale and learn the skills to expand your garden to meet your own personal goals.

New to gardening?  Tired of being dissatisfied with the harvests of your garden?  Decide to take the Growing Organic: One Box Challenge.


Your Part of the Challenge:

Commit to organic methods
Devote at least one raised bed box to the Growing Organic Method
Follow the recommendations

I will provide information on:

Schedules of what garden chores need to be done and when
Lists of what supplies you need
How to deal with garden problems and prevent them
Suggestions on what to plant and when to plant

If you are interested in joining the New Harmony Gardeners in this challenge, leave a comment and be sure to clink on the link to get the info on the fall schedule of garden preparations.
Below are pictures of my adult children's gardens.  Looking awesome!

My grandkids in northern Utah showing off their garden.

Raspberry harvest.
My daughter in Idaho.  Their first year gardening.

Preparing the soil.

Building raised beds. My son in New Mexico and his little helper. 

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