Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Look What I Learned To Drive!

Look what I learned to drive!  With all the boys grown and gone I guess I was Stann's only remaining option.  I thought I did great.  The barn and fences are still standing. And I even dumped the load in the right place. That's pretty good considering there are no brakes on that old backhoe. There was one moment of uncertainty, but I handled it. It was fun.

 This time of year is always so busy in the garden and orchard.  The hubby was off these last two days so we really worked hard.  Weeding, mucking stalls, harvesting berries, kamut, veggies, tomatoes, potatoes, herbs, and apples. We are suppose to get rain the next few days so maybe I can get caught up preserving the harvest. 

Kamut an experiment with grains.

I'm always running out of containers.  I need to order some baskets.

Sundance, Liberty, and Fuji apples

More strawberries

Purple Viking potatoes

Cleaned up Purple Viking potatoes I had to throw these in the oven while we were digging potatoes.

Digging potatoes

Jake, the cat, helping look for potatoes
Someone has to hold the lid open.

He's exhausted.  Always so helpful in the garden.

Carola potatoes

With each season the beauty of one bloom fades but welcomes in another.  Thought I'd share some of falls blooms.


It wouldn't be fall without sunflowers

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