Monday, August 18, 2014

Praying Mantis Friend

As I went to get the wagon to haul corn, I discovered this hitch hikers on the handle-  a Praying Mantis.  With their huge eyes and head that can do a 180, they are a little bit creepy but a gardeners friend. 

These ambush hunters will eat any insect including beneficial insects but I like them in my yard and garden because they will also eat their share of caterpillars, squash bugs, beetles, and grasshoppers.  My sons used to stick one in an aquarium for a few weeks and feed them grasshoppers.  They thoroughly enjoyed watching them catch and consumer their prey.

Watch for spongy brown egg cases attached to solid surfaces of plant stems.  The small nymphs hatch in the spring and will even eat each other. The adults will live the entire season. You can purchase egg cases to put in your garden but they are not cold hardy.  Our natural species seem to do just fine.  I'm always running these big eyed bugs everywhere in the yard. 

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