Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Freezing Corn on the Cob

Summer wouldn't be the same without fresh sweet corn.  I plant two varieties with different maturity dates so there is no cross pollination. My two favorites are Jubilee which is a yellow corn and Silver Queen which is a white corn.  Both are SU varieties.

 The first task is to shuck the corn  and remove the silks.  I do this outside saving the husks for the compost pile.  I have corn silk brush that works pretty good at removing the silks.  As you rub it over the corn it balls up the silks.

Blanch the corn to stop enzyme action.  I blanch it for 2 minutes in boiling water. Place in a bowl of ice water immediately to stop the cooking process.

 Lay the corn on paper towels or a rack to dry completely and cool down completely. A this point you can freeze it on the cob or cut it off and put the kernels in freezer containers.  It's nice to have some available through the winter both ways.

I place two cobs on freezer paper, shiny side up, and roll them up and tuck under the edges.

The corn wrapped in freezer paper ready to freeze.

I put wrapped corn in a plastic bag, label the bags, and put it in the freezer.

This is my favorite, Silver Queen, unless of course I'm eating the Jubilee then I think I like that one better which is why I plant both every year.

This year I also planted popcorn and Floriani Polenta Corn.  If you plant different varieties you have to stagger the plantings so they do not tassel at the same time or else you'll end of cross pollinating your sweet corn with field corn.

I have a link to my blog on growing corn so you can understand the different varieties, when to plant, how to fertilize, and how to prevent worms. Now is the time you could prepare an area for corn.  Remember you need at least a 5x5 block of corn to have good pollination because it is wind pollinated.  The more area you devote to corn the better your results.  I do not recommend the 3 sisters planting .  This corn grows seven feet high and shades the beans too much.  You can plant squash on the outside; however, then it will be difficult to get down your corn rows. By using lots of compost and side dressing corn you will have much better results.

Neighbors love getting sweet corn and you can also can it, I live it with red peppers and thyme, and make corn relish which is tomorrows project.

My lab loves fresh sweet corn.  I have to watch her when I'm outside shucking corn because she will sneak a cob or two when I turn my back

My beagle figures she's suppose to like this stuff because her lab friend does but she not a sweet corn fan. 

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