Saturday, August 9, 2014

Enjoying the Season

Enjoying the beauty of the garden today while working outside.  Thought I'd share some pics of how things are progressing.  The rest of the day I will be canning. The weather has been so beautiful with cool mornings, no wind, and fantastic evenings.  I'm so blessed to live in a beautiful area.


Everbearing strawberries produce very large berries this time of year.


Summer squash and zucchini.


No squash bugs!  Check out my post on controlling squash bugs.  It works.

Chard.  I love the dark red veins in this variety and tender leaves.

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Patiently waiting for these to ripen.  I think the birds are too.


Harvesting sweet corn this week.

Trying something new- Giant Golden Amaranth.

So good and no worms.  I use neem and Spinosad to have worm free corn.

I'll be freezing on the cob, cut corn, and canning corn relish.


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