Monday, August 18, 2014

Blessings of a Good Harvest

A good harvest brings a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the Lord's creations.  There is  satisfaction and peace in growing, harvesting, eating, sharing, and preserving your own food. Whether it's fresh produce or a canned jars lining your shelf, nothing is more satisfying.  I hope somehow our efforts will inspire you and your family to dig in and garden.

Today I was harvesting Silver Queen Sweet Corn.

These are dried beans which are so easy to grow and so many varieties are available. They will stay on the bush until the pods are dry and brittle and the beans a fully mature.  They are a great storage item and if you planted open pollinated varieties you have you seeds for the next year

Giant Golden Amaranth

Healthy pumpkin vines

View down the corn row.

More dried beans.  You can also eat these as green beans.

Banana peppers and Anehiem chili peppers

Everbearing berries are very large and sweet this time of year.


Fresh sweet corn is so good.

I did not have a large peach harvest.  Most of them froze, but I sure enjoyed what I did have.


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  1. Love your photos! What a gorgeous and wonderful bounty you have!