Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Garden in July

So my husband and I spent the last two days weeding....the corn and pumpkin field. Nothing feels better than a freshly weeded garden.  If only it would last......We also squashed squash bugs (gives me the chills every time), sprayed for squash bugs with neem and pyrethrin and fertilized with fish emulsion.  Monday I'll be doing the same in the garden then move to the flower beds and then the orchard and the start all over again.

The corn field with the Kolobs in the background.  I love where I live.


The raised bed garden

Orange Fantasia Chard.  I use this  sauteed in herbs and added to pasta dishes.  My goats and chickens also like chard.

Pink Lipstick Chard

Chard and Kale


Green Beans  My favorite variety is Slenderette.

Pickling cucumbers, Armenian cucumbers and Summer Dance Cucumbers

Tristar and Ozark Strawberries

Kamut an ancient wheat.  I'm exploring growing grains.



Wild sunflower.  Absolutely beautiful!

Mullein.  The weed I do allow to grow because its has so many medicinal purposes. 


Love my ducks!  They are preening after a swim.  Thye love squash bugs.  When I can't stand squishing them and put them in a bucket and throw them in the duck pen.  They chase them down and eat them.

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