Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Early Summer Buzz

I've been busy this week planting warm season crops- beans, corn, cucumbers, summer squash, melons.  Winter squash and pumpkins will be planted next week.  To determine how deep to plant lay a seed in your palm and plant it 3 times deeper.  Beans seeds can be soaked overnight but it's not necessary.

Melons, squash, and pumpkins are heavy feeders.  Before planting the seeds and dig a 10 inch hole through in a handful of my dry fertilizer mix ( 1 part blood meal or guano, 2 parts bone meal and a handful of azomite) and compost.  I mix this with the soil and pat it down then plant the seeds in the hole.  As the plant grows fertilizer is right at the root zone of the plants.

Favorite varieties:  Watermelon-  Moon and Stars, Jubilee
                               Muskmelons- Jenny Lind, Ambrosia, True Chartenias
                               Zucchini- Cavili (light green small seeds)
                               Summer Squash- Horn of Plenty
                               Sweet Corn- Silver Queen & Jubilee
                               Beans- Slenderette & Royal Burgandy
                               Cucumbers, Slicing- Summer Dance & Armenian
                               Cucumbers, Pickling- Homemade & National

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