Friday, February 28, 2014

What's the Buzz about?

Welcome to "The Buzz:  Garden Talk & Tips."  My husband and I live  on 5 acres in New Harmony, Utah. This is a beautiful rural community; perfect place to grow a family, a garden, and friendships.  We have five children and four grandchildren.  This is my 21st year of home schooling, and sadly my last year.  It's been a memorable journey for both me and my children.  Our goal has been to pass on a love of the Lord, learning, and liberty.  We believe in hard work, self-reliance, and being wise stewards of all the Lord has blessed us with. We call our five acre plot, Hidden Acres Farm.  Some of the residents include ducks, chickens, rabbits, Nubian goats, cats, bees, a big black Lab and playful Beagle.

Gardening is my passion including veggies, berries, herbs, flowers and fruit trees. There are so many blessings from gardening. I like my gardens to be inviting, productive, and beautiful. I believe anyone can learn to garden. With a little bit of wisdom and commitment, you can feed your family year round. The most effective and productive methods are organic. Having a chemical free garden and yard for my family, friends, and grand kids to visit is essential.   Wholesome, fresh, nutritious food is not the only thing you will harvest.  The garden path may lead you to new adventures such as canning, drying, saving seeds, cooking, homemade lotions and soaps, better health, and a barnyard of animals.
As a Master Gardener I have been able to share my knowledge and experiences in local classes.  Some of my posts will be information and handouts shared in these classes.  I will also include the day to day experiences in this season's gardening adventure!